Our Maternity Photos / Walker Hudson

When I told my friend Tina I was pregnant our conversation went something like this:

Me: "I'm pregnant!"
Her: "Yay! Can I take your maternity photos?"

Haha. Of course I said yes, because not only is she an insanely talented photographer but she also is a master at what she refers to as, "the art of communication." Being in front of her lens feels natural and after she suggested Point Reyes for the location I knew our maternity photos would be magical and the memories of carrying our first son captured perfectly to look back on over the years.

Point Reyes National Seashore, CA
Photos c/o Tina Swain Photography

This + That

We've been quite busy making a home and preparing for baby so I thought I'd share a little of the going on's happening midweek, over here.


I officially started working part-time as a Stylist for Stitch Fix and so far I'm loving it! For those unfamiliar, it's basically a personal styling service you sign up for in which you receive a box of 5 things at a time (clothes/shoes/accessories)--and I'm one of the people picking out those items for our clients. It's pretty neat! If you're interested in trying out a Fix of your own and you'd like to request me as your Stylist, make sure to ask for me under my full name (I go by Elizabeth on there #fancy) when you sign up!


Some people find out they're pregnant and immediately furnish the perfect Pinterest nursery. We are not those people. In fact, the first piece of furniture didn't even arrive until last week! Part of it is procrastination, part of it is wanting to wait to buy things until after our baby showers and (a big) part of it is budget. Now that the big things like his crib and bassinet are assembled it's feeling really REAL. I can't believe there's going to be a real, live BABY using all of those cute things, soon. If I'm having a bad day I find myself going into his room and just standing in the middle of it imagining him being in there. It instantly lifts my mood.


Joel has been on a major gardening/landscaping kick and I think it's adorable. I'm not kidding, I will walk into a room and find him talking to our plants, haha. His latest project has been tackling the front yard. The previous owners left it pretty unkempt so he raked out a bunch of dead plants, cut back unruly palm fronds and poured black bark over what used to be just dirt (there wasn't any grass to begin with). Since we use our wrap-around porch for sitting we don't really miss the grass anyway. We're going to reposition/add a few more big rocks and fix the other side of the brick lining amongst a few other updates but it looks so good! I wish I would have thought to take a 'before' photo.


We visited the California State Fair on Monday which turned out to be a great idea because going early on a weekday meant it wasn't packed at all. More fried food for me! I indulged in a Cap'n Crunch chicken sandwich, frozen watermelon lemonade, and strawberry funnel cake. Five stars, all around (just typing that made my mouth water ha). I really wanted to go to the petting zoo because there were SO many cute baby animals and since I don't have my own offspring yet, baby deer, goats, pigs, and even kangaroos are the next best thing, no? Sadly, I pulled cash out to go back in and basically be a real life Snow White but totally forgot to make the trip back to the zoo. Pregnancy brain. It's real, guys. We also took this silly photo booth strip and I'd say it's a pretty accurate description of our relationship--starts out innocent but by the end, he's eating my face off ;)  

Friday Favorites

ONE / 10 summer date night ideas
I'm loving this little list of simple yet unique ideas for date night.

TWO / Accidental Wes Anderson
I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan so I really enjoyed this accidental Wes Anderson reddit thread filled with photos of places that look like they totally belong in his films.

THREE / Wax seals
I've always wondered how wax seals are made! What a fun idea for extra personalization.

FOUR / Caroline's closet
I'm a big fan of Caroline's style, especially this classic, no-fuss outfit she put together this week.

FIVE / #nsale
The Nordstrom Sale is here and there is so. much. good. stuff. Here's a little list of my favorite picks:

F O R  H E R
this dress / these jeans /  this sweater
this top / these boots 

F O R  B A B Y
this body suit + shorts set / these nursing scarves / these bow headbands
these bibs / these shoes

Shop / Bitte

Romper / Joggers / Language Blocks
Wooden Safari Animals / Basket
Lion Booties / Swaddle

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Maker's Mart during my city's R Street Block Party and discovered so many cute local shops, including this one--bitte (fun fact: bitte means both "please" and "you're welcome" in German). They sell the cutest stuff! Once Walker is born I know I'll be picking up a few things from my wishlist up there.

Babymooning in Yosemite with RVC Outdoors

Thanks to Zika virus being basically everywhere in Mexico, we had to postpone our Tulum trip for another time and pick an alternate destination for our babymoon. We had considered staying at the Ace in Palm Springs (too much time in the car for me), Maui (not exotic enough for him) and we even considered a cruise (all the fun places were still in Mexico) but nothing was feeling right and I was starting to think we'd never get to take one last trip as a twosome. Enter: Yosemite RVC Resort. It's close enough to home and once you're there, the world-famous national park is only a short drive away. Coincidentally enough, Joel's birthday happens to be on the 4th of July so we decided to pack our bags and head to the Sierra's to celebrate all three occasions.

(click image to enlarge)

From check-in to check-out, the entire experience of staying at RVC Yosemite was extremely enjoyable. The staff were all SUPER nice and offered plenty of solicited advice regarding best day hikes and things to do in the area. There is free wi-fi but beware--the signal isn't that strong (at least from where our campsite was) so don't come here expecting to livestream any important work meetings or download large files. You'll be too busy enjoying the great outdoors that you'll barely notice anyway! There is a general store adjacent to the registration area in the main building with some camp essentials like snacks, ice, towels, firewood and most importantly--s'mores materials. The whole resort is extremely family-friendly. There is a playground area for kiddos and a shallow (5 & 1/2') pool which is a welcome juxtaposition to the otherwise simple nature vibe of the resort. There's even a dog park so even your beloved pet can come along! (sidenote: there are also several feral "camp cats" on the premises--we saw a bunch of kittens which were pretty cute.)

Accommodations include tent campsites, RV hookups, cabins and yurts. Staying in a yurt has been on my travel bucket list for quite some time and I'm so glad I was finally able to experience it and check it off my list! Our yurt at RVC Yosemite was clean and surprisingly more spacious than I thought. It sleeps up to 4 and features a queen size bed and bunk bed. There's also a small table, storage cubbies, sofa and mini fridge. There is an overhead ceiling fan and wall AC/heating unit. Since temps were in the 90's we kept that baby blasting cold air all day and it kept us completely comfortable. No TV or cooking range in the yurt but there is a firepit w/ grilling grate right outside and who needs screens when mother nature provides the best views right outside your door? Although there isn't a private bathroom inside the yurt, the resort has multiple bath houses complete with bathroom stalls and showers, which are all kept immaculate.

It is worth noting that there is not an eatery/restaurant on the resort grounds BUT there are several places to eat in Coarsegold about 10 mins away. There's also Von's supermarket in town as well. There's a casino nearby with a fancy buffet we were excited to try (ha) but sadly it was over by the time we arrived so we didn't get to eat there but the casino seems entertaining enough if gambling is your sorta thing.

(click image to enlarge)

When I asked Joel how he wanted to spend his birthday his response was, "hiking and napping" so that's exactly what we did. We filled our pack with plenty of water + snacks and headed to Yosemite National Park which is about 45mins away from the resort. I'm not sure if it was extra crowded because of the holiday weekend or if the number of people is just the usual tourists but we did experience a lot of stop-and-go traffic as we got closer to the park entrance. Likewise, many of the trails and vista points had a fair amount of hikers (and selfie sticks). That day, we made it to Glacier Point, Tunnel View and Bridal Veil Falls--all of which are so insanely gorgeous that it doesn't even look real! I really wanted to hike the Mist Trail to Vernal Falls to witness the record water flow but sadly we ran out of time (it's about a 3 hour hike round trip). Plus, I'll admit that at 7 months pregnant, the elevation and steepness of that trail was a bit daunting.

We wrapped up the fun-filled day with a quick refreshing dip in the pool followed by s'mores by the fire. We were so pooped from all the hiking around that we were in bed by 10pm. Talk about old! ;) We woke up early the next morning and headed home feeling totally happy, refreshed and full of fun memories to last us until we're able to come back and visit RVC Yosemite Resort with Walker.

RVC Outdoors is a company that I've had the honor to partner with in exchange for a review.
All thoughts & opinions are my own.