Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


ONE / 10 rules for visiting a new mom
I came across this great article on 10 rules for visiting a new mom at home. I think it's simple but important etiquette to remember when you come a'knockin' on the door.

TWO / Listening to baby's heartbeat
My best friend gifted us a fetal doppler so that we can listen to the baby's heartbeat at home, any time we want! For a first-time (see: overly paranoid) mom like me, this is amazing. When I posted about it on my Instagram story, someone pointed out that it might be harmful to the baby to expose them to the frequency waves but honestly, it's not like we're overdoing it. There are so many "don'ts" that come along with pregnancy but I've learned to take many of them with a grain of salt.

THREE / 10 things I learned in my twenties
Really loving Mara's perspective on the lessons she learned during her twenties--I can definitely relate to a lot of these!

FOUR / Youth to the People Age Prevention Mask
I think I finally found the last piece to my skincare routine with this face mask. I put it on while I was in the bath the other night and my skin felt sooooo soft after I rinsed it off. It kinda smells like a green smoothie is on your face but that's okay :)

FIVE / Summer salmon bowl
James shared this baked salmon bowl recipe and I think this is what I'm making for dinner tomorrow, seeing as how I have all of the ingredients in the fridge right now. It looks so good!!

Friday Favorites


ONE / My personal skincare
I'd asked y'all in a previous post for recommendations on good skincare products and after doing the research I think I've finally nailed down a regimen that works for me. I'll be sharing in a separate post soon but I thought I'd share a few of of my must-haves: No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum, Luminance Skincare Deep Hydration Organic Moisturizer and CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. I've definitely noticed positive changes in my complexion since sticking to my routine.

TWO / "No is a complete sentence."
Do you guys remember the actress who played the eldest daughter in Mrs. Doubtfire? Well, she has a blog that I've followed for a few  years now and her latest essay No is a complete sentence is something I can definitely relate to.

THREE / Mila Isabella
My sister had her baby a week ago(!) and I seriously cannot get enough of my niece. Those tiny hands and feet! That newborn smell! I'm so in love. Spending time with her has gotten me even more excited for Walker's arrival. Not gonna lie, it's also caused me to be a bit terrified by the reality that soon I will have my own tiny human to be responsible for. I know this is normal, but still! My sister also had the easiest labor EVER (Mila was out in 4 pushes) and my one wish is that I have a similar experience. I can only hope to be so lucky haha.

FOUR / Zucchini "noodles"
I'm still hooked on my spiralizer and am convinced it is the best invention ever. Now that I'm about 6 months pregnant I'm hungry ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes the hunger just sneaks up on me and I feel like I'm starving (dramatic) so my quick go-to is grilled chicken with my favorite pasta sauce over a bed of zoodles.

FIVE / Offer Up app
We get the keys to our new house next week(!) and since we are going from just 750 to over 1700sqft there's a LOT of empty space to fill. Once we do the final walk-through I'll be making a better list of which room needs what but I'm aware that we'll definitely be needing to upgrade some furniture. My concern is I want cute stuff, but I don't want it to cost an arm and a leg--moving is expensive enough (not to mention so is expecting a baby). A family member suggested I check out the Offer Up app and guys, it's magical. It's sort of like Craigslist and eBay mixed together (no auctions though). The UI is easy enough to navigate and it's pretty simple to use. I found a rocking chair for the nursery I'm going to DIY a bit and the ever-popular Moses basket for just fifteen dollars! The expensive ones are going for $185 so this was truly a steal. I listed our couch we're trying to get rid of on there as well so fingers crossed someone picks that up soon--believe it or not trying to sell a Scandinavian Designs sofa has not been as easy as I thought it would -___-

Friday Favorites

ONE / Harry Styles
Never in a million years would I think I'd be saying this but you guys...have you listened to Harry Styles' new album? IT'S SO GOOD! I've had it on repeat all week; Sign of the Times is my favorite track. If I didn't know he once was a member of teeny-bop boy band One Direction, I would have never guessed. This album is so mature and reminds me a lot of Bowie. Seriously, go listen to it right now if you haven't already.

TWO / The Perfect Logo
I love Tabitha's tips on how to make the perfect logo choice for your small business branding. I feel like logos are the crux of any good branding yet also the most difficult to come up with so I really appreciate Tabitha's sage advice.

THREE / Amazon Fashion
I already use Amazon to buy so much stuff (half my baby registry is from there) but I never really thought to use them as a place to shop for clothes--until now. They seriously have the best selection of stylish + inexpensive summer dresses that this mama has been obsessed with wearing with a growing bump in the Sacramento heat. These are my favorite and I own all of them: 1 | 2 | 3 (none are even maternity--so gals of all shapes + sizes can wear these!)

FOUR / Coconut rice
I've been trying to cook a variety of dishes at home and my favorite combo this week has been coconut rice with either grilled chicken or salmon. It's super easy--just cook rice on the stove as you normally would but use a can of coconut milk instead of water. I love that the flavor is subtle and not too sweet so it compliments whatever you eat it with. I'm the type of person who, once I find something I love, will eat the same thing everyday until I get sick of it and so far I'm still craving this rice at dinner time.

FIVE / Baby boy clothes
Friends + family have started gifting us things for Walker and I can't get over all of the adorable clothes he already has. It's crazy folding such tiny things and imagining him in them--my heart explodes every time! Joel loves to shop for him already, too--some of our favorite places so far are H&M Kids + Cotton On Baby.

Ps; Tomorrow marks 23 weeks of this pregnancy! Every Saturday I post a bumpdate pic over on my Instagram if you'd like to keep up :)

Friday Favorites

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ONE / A few beauty products I've recently discovered that have quickly turned into my must-haves: 1 2 3
The Kristin Ess conditioner is pretty amazing for the price point. It leaves my hair feeling soft + clean but not stripped. Bonus: it smells amazing. The Becca highlighter is by FAR my favorite of it's kind. I got a sampler kit from Ulta that includes the accompanying skin perfector that I layer underneath; it gives the perfect glow and stays put all day. I asked my hairstylist for recs on a heat-protectant styling spray to use before I curl and she recommended Paul Mitchell's "Hot Off the Press." I spray it on section by section and it really locks my curls in in addition to protecting it from the heat. I heard it's great for using a straightener as well.

TWO / Sweet treats
I can't wait to make these coconut mango muffins soon. The flavor combo sounds bombbb.

THREE / Reading
My friend Chelsea started an online book club otherwise known as, Whine Club which you should totally check out. The May read just started so you still have time to join!

FOUR /  The Handmaid's Tale
YOU GUYS. I'm so obsessed with this show. I'm so bummed an episode is released weekly and I can't just binge it all at once. I haven't read the book it's adapted from but I've heard that's a must-read as well.

FIVE / La Croix
I don't care how basic it makes me; I love La Croix sparkling water. I get bored from drinking so much regular water while being pregnant so this helps add a splash (ha) of variety. I recently discovered a whole list of mocktail recipes using different La Croix flavors and I can't wait to try them all now that the weather is practically summer here.

Friday Favorites

Back on my old blog, I used to write weekly "Currently" posts to share some of my favorite things/links of the moment, which I really loved so, I've decided to bring that feature back with some of my Friday Favorites.

ONE / dōTERRA diffuser + oils
Years ago when I used to work in a corporate setting I essentially wore heels to work every single day. This didn't prove to be the best idea seeing as how I was constantly walking from department to department and so by the end of the day my poor feet were not happy and as a result I started to get really bad aches and pains in my ankles, knees and joints. A vendor I worked with starting telling me about how his wife had just started selling oils that he and his family used to help with all sorts of ailments, and handed me a sample bottle. I listened and nodded politely but on the inside I was thinking, "WTF. I am not rubbing this shit on my feet." Fast forward to now, and you can't turn a page in a magazine without being bombarded by essential oil ads and all of their positive health effects. All my skepticality went out the window when a friend gifted me a diffuser at the start of my pregnancy when I was dealing with nausea and morning sickness. In my desperate research to alleviate the dreaded symptoms I read that sniffing lemons (for real) is a way to get rid of the nausea so I bought some lemon oil and--I kid you not, it totally worked! I remember around week 10 I spent the entire afternoon lying in bed diffusing lemon, sipping ginger ale and munching on saltines with those pink morning sickness wristbands on. I like to think my boyfriend's constant run to the store for all of those things was not in vain and they all played a part in making me feel better ;) Since then, I'm obsessed with trying different oils for different things. When I broke out in a random chest rash (isn't pregnancy so glamourous?) I tried lavender oil both in my diffuser and directly on my skin and within a week it was all but gone. I also use lavender to help me fall (and stay) asleep every night. I use 3 drops of lavender and one drop of Breathe in the diffuser and its light's out! I've been eyeing some of Savannah's oil sets over at @mamatribeoils that I want try try next. Let me know if there's any diffuser combos you love!

TWO / Marble
I know it's super on trend right now, but I am a big fan of the pretty texture--I even used variations of it for my blog design headers! I'm loving this marbled Easter egg DIY, marbled laptop hard case + this swim suit (somebody please buy this and wear it so my belly bump self can live vicariously through you).

THREE / Do-Hee Kim Design 
Do-Hee's Instagram popped up on my Explore feed and I promptly fell into the rabbit hole of checking out all of her amazing work. Her style of design is a huge inspiration and comes at the perfect time as I've started working on a small design project for a friend--more to come on that later. 

FOUR / 13 Reasons Why
Who else is watching this show?! Since my social nightlife has taken a mellow change, I've been binge-watching lots of TV (I balance it out with reading too, don't worry) and my latest favorite is 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. Without giving too much away, the show chronicles the lives of a group of highschool teenagers after a classmate commits suicide, and the events leading up to it. I'm about halfway through and I can't wait to see how it ends up. I finished Big Little Lies last week and if you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend that as well!

FIVE / Grocery store Monopoly
You guys. I realize this is SUPER dorky of me but I seriously love playing this. I live in California so my store is Safeway but I think Von's is the other one that participates too. Basically the way it works is you get a game board upon checkout and earn game pieces towards bigger prizes by shopping certain items at the store. They totally got me because I legit get excited to grocery shop. Joel will come home and find me crouched over the coffee table with my carefully-folded game board and dozens of game pieces strewn about. He thinks it's hilarious and adorable (I think). Oh, and if he does the shopping without me he knows he had better come home with my game pieces OR ELSE ;) Sure, I haven't won the million dollar prize (yet) but I have won some neat stuff like a $25 GAP giftcard, free groceries and my personal favorite--free bakery donut or bagel. Twice. It's the little things, people.