Life, Lately

For someone who used to blog EVERY day, for years, it's so crazy to think of how Instagram has essentially replaced it. Don't get me wrong, I love sharing my life in little squares over there, but ever since the much-hated algorithm change, it's hard to keep up with the people + accounts I love. I do miss the organic community that came with a medium like blogging. What do you think? Do you still blog or do you think blogging is just dead?

I for one, am still a believer haha. And so in an effort to update this space more regularly, I thought I'd share a little about what's going on in our neck of the woods over here where I can elaborate a bit more (lord knows my IG captions are long enough, sometimes).


After Walker is in bed, Stitch Fix hours are logged and freelance has been completed for the day, the rest of my focus then turns to my latest endeavor: MTHR Collective. What started as a half-brained idea my friend-turned-business partner Danielle and I had has now become a reality! The retreat has already garnered so much response which we are SO grateful for and excited about. We can't wait to meet you all this Fall!


Did I mention Danielle is the most amazing photographer?! She took these portraits of me the other day for MTHR and I super love how they turned out. She is a wizard.


Joel works most nights and since Valentine's Day was no exception we had to celebrate a few days later. We dropped Walker off at my mom's and headed to the movies to catch an early showing of the new Star Wars before it left theatres (I miss seeing movies the week they come out). We loaded up on popcorn, candy and since our local theatre now serves alcohol you know I ordered a glass of wine. It was just my luck however that the bottle of the kind I ordered was empty and it took them so long to find a manager to come replace it. Three days later and Joel is still making fun of me about it. Did you watch The Last Jedi? We both really liked it but agreed it was wayyyy too long and there were definitely scenes they could have cut to shorten it.

After the movie, we picked up our very tired bubba and headed home to put him to bed and then we continued our date night by popping the bottle of fancy vintage Port Joel got me for V-day. I had picked up some macarons and chocolate from my favorite local chocolatier earlier in the day to pair with it and it was HEAVEN. The sweet tooth I acquired during pregnancy is still alive and well, it seems.


And because no post is complete, without these sweet face -- here's a snap of my chunky monkey. He is getting sooo big!

And Then There Were Three


It's been almost two weeks since we've been at this whole We Have A Baby thing. We had our newborn photos taken this week and I'm completely in love with how they turned out. Ashlee is not only a talented photographer but a dear friend as well; I'm so glad she was able to so perfectly capture these first few moments as a family of three.

I wanted simple, candid shots of us at home and not only did she manage to capture the cozy essence I wanted but she did it in record time between Joel having to get ready for work and my bribing Walker with boobie milk in order to cooperate for the whole shoot. I will treasure these shots forever!


This + That

We've been quite busy making a home and preparing for baby so I thought I'd share a little of the going on's happening midweek, over here.


I officially started working part-time as a Stylist for Stitch Fix and so far I'm loving it! For those unfamiliar, it's basically a personal styling service you sign up for in which you receive a box of 5 things at a time (clothes/shoes/accessories)--and I'm one of the people picking out those items for our clients. It's pretty neat! If you're interested in trying out a Fix of your own and you'd like to request me as your Stylist, make sure to ask for me under my full name (I go by Elizabeth on there #fancy) when you sign up!


Some people find out they're pregnant and immediately furnish the perfect Pinterest nursery. We are not those people. In fact, the first piece of furniture didn't even arrive until last week! Part of it is procrastination, part of it is wanting to wait to buy things until after our baby showers and (a big) part of it is budget. Now that the big things like his crib and bassinet are assembled it's feeling really REAL. I can't believe there's going to be a real, live BABY using all of those cute things, soon. If I'm having a bad day I find myself going into his room and just standing in the middle of it imagining him being in there. It instantly lifts my mood.


Joel has been on a major gardening/landscaping kick and I think it's adorable. I'm not kidding, I will walk into a room and find him talking to our plants, haha. His latest project has been tackling the front yard. The previous owners left it pretty unkempt so he raked out a bunch of dead plants, cut back unruly palm fronds and poured black bark over what used to be just dirt (there wasn't any grass to begin with). Since we use our wrap-around porch for sitting we don't really miss the grass anyway. We're going to reposition/add a few more big rocks and fix the other side of the brick lining amongst a few other updates but it looks so good! I wish I would have thought to take a 'before' photo.


We visited the California State Fair on Monday which turned out to be a great idea because going early on a weekday meant it wasn't packed at all. More fried food for me! I indulged in a Cap'n Crunch chicken sandwich, frozen watermelon lemonade, and strawberry funnel cake. Five stars, all around (just typing that made my mouth water ha). I really wanted to go to the petting zoo because there were SO many cute baby animals and since I don't have my own offspring yet, baby deer, goats, pigs, and even kangaroos are the next best thing, no? Sadly, I pulled cash out to go back in and basically be a real life Snow White but totally forgot to make the trip back to the zoo. Pregnancy brain. It's real, guys. We also took this silly photo booth strip and I'd say it's a pretty accurate description of our relationship--starts out innocent but by the end, he's eating my face off ;)  

The Week of Good News


t-shirt / necklace (similar)

The past few weeks, my anxiety has been through the roof waiting to hear back on some pretty big deal pieces of news that have a significant effect on our family.  Well, last week we finally heard back from everything and the time has come where I can finally share!

For those of you who don't know, I currently work as the Marketing Director for a cluster of popular bar-restaurants in midtown, all owned by the same three guys (my bosses are pretty wonderful). The thing is, as much as I love my job, my position is only Tuesday through Friday and with baby on the way, I decided to look for another part-time job to supplement my income. Bonus points for something I could do from home/my laptop. Enter: Stitch Fix. A looooong time ago I had applied for one of their Stylist positions and never heard back and then recently, after chatting with a friend of mine about my plans to look for another job, she mentioned how she's a Stylist for them and knew they were hiring again in Sacramento. I jumped on the opportunity and applied, scored an interview and finally after about three months of going through the whole hiring process, am excited to announce I've been officially offered a Stylist position with their team! For those not familiar, Stitch Fix is a subscription-based personal styling service (kind of like Ipsy and Birch Box, but with clothing + accessories). As a Stylist I get to choose the items that go into the customer's monthly Fix. Neat, huh? Training is next month which means I'll most likely start some time in July but I'm so excited--the job seems right up my alley and I really like the women I've met from the company so far. I'm so grateful I found something I'm genuinely interested in which I can also do from the comfort of home, even with a baby on my hip.

Next, and probably the thing I'm most excited about is WE FINALLY FOUND A HOUSE! Right now we live in a teeny one bedroom apartment and with our lease up next month, we knew we would be needing to move to make more room for our soon-to-be family of three. We're holding off on buying a house for a couple years until it's more of a buyer's market (not that the rental market is any better). It's SO competitive in our city right now, even just to rent. Searching for a two-bedroom house (not apartment) within our budget seemed impossible. I downloaded all the housing apps, made viewing appointments and we spent our days off looking at places. Nothing was panning out and I was beginning to feel desperate. My maternal instinct to nest and not be able to was killing me. I'm almost six months pregnant with no nursery to put together--I was getting pretty sad, guys. Then one day, Joel sent me a link to a house he found just four blocks from where we are now. A 2bd/2bath Victorian. With a porch. And an upstairs balcony. And a laundry room. And a bathtub(!) And and and...just, everything we had been looking for. Just under our max budget. It was the unicorn of houses in midtown. I immediately contacted the realty company advertising it and submitted our application. Even though it had been listed just one day, I was told there were already two other applications! I knew I had to do something to set us apart. It had already crossed my mind, but with the extra push from my best friend who had just purchased a house, decided to include a cover letter with our application, complete with a cheesy photo of us and all. I busted out the label maker and made a professional file to hold all of our forms. I gave all of our references a heads-up that they would most likely be contacted and hounded everyone to reply ASAP. I checked my credit report and paid down debts. I swear it worked because after a grueling two-weeks of countless phone calls and verifications we finally got the call that we beat everyone out and the house was ours. My hormones leaked out of my eyes and only stopped long enough to call Joel and tell him the good news. We are so happy! We signed the lease yesterday and we get the keys June 9th. The current tenants are still in there so I didn't take any pictures myself when we went and saw it but here's a couple from the ad when it was listed.


We plan to do a few updates but I am absolutely in love with the huge, open floor-plan downstairs. Look at all that natural light! Both bedrooms and the full bath are upstairs--the house totals around 1750sqft so everything is nice and roomy--complete opposite of what we have now. For whatever reason I seem to have relatively good luck when it comes to finding places to move and for that, I am super grateful. I'm excited to make the house where we'll raise our son, a home. Together. The three of us. 

Of course, not everything can be good news all the time, so unfortunately there is one thing that didn't go our way and that's the insurance claim we filed to try and get a refund for our Tulum trip. Back before we got pregnant, Joel had booked us a trip to Tulum as part of my Christmas present for a week in May. We found out we had Walker on the way and then it dawned on us that the Zika virus is extremely prevalent in most parts of Mexico, including Tulum. My midwife recommended that we not go, it was too risky. We agreed of course and as sad as we were to have to cancel our trip, knew it was the best decision for us. We thought with the travel insurance we purchased and a doctor's note we could get our money back but they said no :( So, as of now we have a credit and so we will either postpone our Tulum trip until Walker is older and I can fathom the thought of leaving him for a few days or, we'll go somewhere else. Kind of a bummer but I guess there are worse things haha #firstworldproblems