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This past weekend we finally moved into our new home! With the help of our amazing family + friends we were able to get everything into the new house on Saturday, as well as pick up our new couch (I'm obsessed with it). Built in the 1920's, the house is a Victorian and with over 1750sqft, we have our work cut out for us in terms of filling up all the newfound space, but I know it will come together, slowly but surely. I thought it'd be fun to share some "before" photos to see how much has changed since the start while we turn our new house into a home.

L I V I N G  A R E A


The living area downstairs is the biggest space in the entire house and is presumably, where most of our time will be spent. Like I mentioned earlier, we upgraded our couch to this West Elm beauty. Besides the fact that it's perfectly squishy + comfortable, it also folds out into a sleeper and the chaise pops up to reveal storage--perfect for storing the blankets + sheets for the sleeper bed. We often have guests and since we don't have a guest bedroom this works out perfectly. Now that there is a lot more floor space our current rug looks pretty puny so we will be getting a larger one--we were at Home Depot the other day and found a SUPER soft plush charcoal one that we are considering. The dark color would be good for all the foot traffic this area gets. I'm also on the hunt for throw pillows and another throw/blanket for the couch since it gets kinda chilly downstairs. Curtains are high on the priority list since it's the part of the house you can see directly into from the street outside. The tricky part is finding some inexpensive ones since thanks to our high ceilings, the the windows measure over 100" tall and we need 8 panels all together. I'm thinking Amazon for some basic white black-outs should be the most cost effective.

Couch / Armchair / Coffee table (similar) / RugThrow

This area is to the right of where the couch is, under the stairs. The door on the right leads into the downstairs bathroom and the smaller door on the left is a miniature closet (insert Harry Potter joke here). We're not really what what we want to do with this space because the support beam in the center makes it a little difficult. Initially I was thinking of maybe adding a little bench under the window and making it a little reader corner of sorts but it's kind of too cramped for that. So, for now it's a home for one of our plants and a chair, until we figure something out. Who knows, we might just leave it like that.

K I T C H E N  +  D I N I N G  A R E A

The first photo is taken directly behind the couch and is where the dining room that leads into the kitchen begins. We are struggling with what we want to do here. We set up Joel's bar on the right wall which looks great, but thanks once again to the support beams in the center and the positioning of overhead lighting, it leaves an awkward area to put a dining table which is originally what we wanted to do. We definitely want to put another large area rug there but we're going to have to wait and see what we come up with for much else there. Will report back.

The main kitchen area features an island with stove built in. The day of the walkthrough it was discovered the oven/stove no longer works and so lucky for us they are replacing it with a whole, new unit. Thank god because that one was over 35 years old and I couldn't even read what the dials had on them anymore! It will most likely be another electric stovetop (not a huge fan of those) unless by some miracle they discover a gas line under there but regardless, I will take a brand new more modern unit over the existing one, any day.

We also have TONSSS of cupboard/storage space along the walls, a double sink with gorgeous backsplash that matches the island, a shadowbox window and a dishwasher(!) I'm sure that will come in handy once baby is here and I'm washing a bunch of bottles and whatnot. As someone who loves to cook, I'm over the moon about having such a large kitchen to work in. Once our new stove gets put in I'm cookin' all the things. I'm thinking of choosing an accent color (Yellow? Red?) for the kitchen and replacing the hanging chandelier with a different fixture and bar stools for under the island to match.

The door to the left in the first photo leads to the laundry room (not pictured) with additional storage and washer/dryer hook-ups. We are getting the washer/dryer delivered tonight and I cannot even begin to tell you how stoked I am to be able to do laundry at home again. No more taking it to work or laundromats, yay! 

M A S T E R  B A T H

I'm not kidding when I say the master bathroom is my favorite room in the house so far. The day we moved in Joel nonchalantly proclaimed, "You can have the upstairs bathroom and I'll take over the downstairs." BLESS HIM. Now I have ample counter space for my daily use face products, a bathtub(!) and cupboard storage for all of our first aid + toiletries. I decided to go for a Bohemian vibe and so far I'm loving the way it's turning out. It's simple but definitely has a certain charm to it. I'm taking bets on how long I can keep that hanging plant alive.

Shower curtain (similar) / bath mat / rug / bath towel / hand towel
waste basketmacrame plant hanger (similar) / basket (similar)

M A S T E R  B E D R O O M

Since all that's upstairs is the master bath + both bedrooms, the rooms are pretty huge, ours in particular. I love that we have lots of windows + natural light plus--there's a door that leads out onto our own private balcony. How neat is that?! I can picture Joel and I enjoying an evening glass of wine or a morning cup of coffee out there. 

The whole upstairs is carpeted (boo) with some grayish-blue carpet but that's nothing I can't fix with some area rugs I suppose. Since our only bedroom furniture so far is black I'm going to stick with that theme and do black/white/charcoal accents. I'm sort of at a loss as to what to do with that large area to the left by the door. Joel suggested maybe some exercise equipment but in terms of aesthetics, the thought makes me cringe haha.

bed frame (similar) / duvet cover / dresser (similar)



The baby's room/nursery is the other bedroom upstairs and is what needs the most work. We had held off on really getting much prior to moving because we had no idea the kind of space we'd be working with. I'm excited to finally be able to nest, nest, nest!

Right now we've just stashed all the bags of clothes + things that he's accumulated so far, in there. The antique rocking chair in the corner I thrifted from Offer Up and with the help of Joel's mom, I'm going to DIY a new cushion for it.

I'm still trying to figure out where to place his crib. The wall in the second photo gets closed in by both doors on either side (the one on the left goes out to the balcony which we will obviously keep locked for quite some time!) so I'm thinking it will probably go against the wall opposite the closet and I'll put his dresser/changing station there instead. The white hutch in the corner is built-in so that will be useful for added storage space.

Now that we're settling in I can start ordering the rest of his things. Everyone keeps telling me not to stress too much since when he's born he won't need all that much initiatlly. But the OCD in me just wants his room all set up beforehand anyway, haha.

T H E  P O R C H

One of the major selling points of the house for us was the wrap-around front porch. The perimeter of our house is gated, so we can relax out there and people-watch the going-on's of our busy street. We live smack-dab in the heart of midtown near popular bars + restaurants so there's always something crazy going on.

After a trip to Home Depot, Joel strung up some cafe lights overhead and we added some plants to spruce things up a bit. Eventually we want to snag some cool vintage rocking chairs or a porch swing to replace the stools. We're also thinking of adding a grill around the corner where the porch extends to the other side of the house for some fun BBQ nights. I foresee us spending a lot of time out there this summer entertaining friends.

Cafe string lights (similar) / patio table / planter box (similar)

Like I said, we've definitely got our work cut out for us but I'm just happy to finally be in the home where we'll raise our family. It's crazy and awesome to think this is the house we'll bring our newborn son home to--where he'll take his first steps and play. It melts my heart just thinking about it. I'm so grateful and excited for this next chapter!