Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

  D. Lillian  Photography /  dress  (similar) /  hat

 D. Lillian Photography / dress (similar) / hat

Happy Friday, bb's! I'm switching up the formatting to these posts to be less structured into sections and just get right to the good stuff in single sentences with links. Enjoy and TGIF! xx

This piece on how sometimes motherhood can feel really lonely legit made me cry. So real, raw, and true.

Download this super cute free font.

Are you a mom who loves writing and has been itching to get published? Coffee & Crumbs is open for submissions! Ps; you can read my piece for them right here if you missed it.

I am always on the hunt for quick + easy recipes to whip up since I'm still breastfeeding and get hungry super easily so these BBQ chicken bowls sound like they'll do the trick!

We read to Walker every night and he LOVES books. I'm always on the hunt for "pretty" books to add to his library which is why I'm stoked Molly just did a post about all of her baby book recs.

Interesting read on the psychological effects of room colors.

I just finished reading The Woman in Cabin 10 and loved it! What should I read next?

Italian grandpa dedicates the rest of his life to operating the world's first electricity-free amusement park. So dope!

Friday Favorites

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O N E / Now that I'm a WAHM my biggest focus this year is to be wayyy better at my finances. This article is just what I needed to jumpstart that mindset.

T W O / One of my favorite blogging ladies has her own line of furniture at Target now and I'm OBSESSED!

T H R E E / A few cute thangs on my wishlist: this henley top / these pink trainers / this scallop sports bra and this cardi.

F O U R / Wanna get away? My friend Ashlee has some great tips on taking a solo retreat. Ps; stay tuned for a related announcement VERY soon...

F I V E / Really digging this DIY all-purpose rose beauty balm. Sounds so amazing!

Friday Favorites

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O N E / As a new mom, I needed to read this and maybe you do too.  

T W O / Carter's is having a major sale this week! I snagged this and this for my little guy. Both are under $10!

T H R E E / I'm a total sucker for sad love songs/poetry. Tim's take on relationship *firsts* is devastatingly beautiful.

F O U R / I've been to New York once, a long time ago but Vanessa's post on all the foodie places she visited there is totally making me want to go back! *drools*

F I V E / I can't believe Halloween is already around the corner! I'm trying to come up with a simple, cute + comfortable costume for Walker. Pinterest has some pretty cute ideas like this hilarious ninja turtle and this adorable owl for a little girl.

Friday Favorites

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ONE / Phone charger hack
Not the best quality video but this DIY phone charging hack is pretty genius. It can potentially come in handy during stormy weather/when the power is out/if you randomly have a battery + pen lying around. 

TWO / Wayfair
I've totally been loving shopping Wayfair for home decor/furniture, lately. It's where I got our nightstands (sold out now but here's some similar ones), side table for the nursery and I just picked up this area rug for under our new dining table.

THREE / Vegan recipes
Joel started eating vegan which in turn has led to me eating a lot healthier too (don't worry, I for one, still love cheese + bacon) so we've been trying new recipes in the kitchen that fit his new diet. I can't wait to try this dessert! If you have any favorite vegan recipes please share!

FOUR / Rockabye Baby!
I've shared about this on my Instagram Stories but for those of you who don't follow me there, I had to share my latest Spotify discovery: Rockabye Baby! They're lullaby renditions of popular artists/albums and they're SO good, guys. I was like, "oh these will be great to play for Walker" but I find myself listening to it a lot by myself haha. My favorites so far include Bowie's "Life on Mars" and Justin Timberlake songs.

FIVE /  Millenials + plants
I found this Washington Post article about millennials and their house plants amusing and well-written. It also links to an Instagram account called "Boys with Plants" which Joel needs to be on ASAP since I always joke about him being my #botanicalboyfriend with his house plant obsession.


Friday Favorites

ONE / 10 summer date night ideas
I'm loving this little list of simple yet unique ideas for date night.

TWO / Accidental Wes Anderson
I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan so I really enjoyed this accidental Wes Anderson reddit thread filled with photos of places that look like they totally belong in his films.

THREE / Wax seals
I've always wondered how wax seals are made! What a fun idea for extra personalization.

FOUR / Caroline's closet
I'm a big fan of Caroline's style, especially this classic, no-fuss outfit she put together this week.

FIVE / #nsale
The Nordstrom Sale is here and there is so. much. good. stuff. Here's a little list of my favorite picks:

F O R  H E R
this dress / these jeans /  this sweater
this top / these boots 

F O R  B A B Y
this body suit + shorts set / these nursing scarves / these bow headbands
these bibs / these shoes