Walker / 7 + 8 Months

Between my freelance business ramping up, planning for MTHR and life with a baby in general -- the last month has been crazy busy for us. I hardly had time to shower regularly let alone write in this blog, which is why I'm coming at you today with Walker's 7 AND 8-month post rolled into one. #momlife


I know I say this every month but this has been my favorite age so far. He's just so animated and personable now. He has learned how to throw tantrums though, which I find both annoying and hilarious. He'll arch his body backward and kick his legs--full cartoon style. He mainly does this during diaper changes and I'm just like, come on dude, please don't kick me while I'm cleaning poop out of your thigh rolls.

It's also a thing right now where he thinks I am the most comical person in the world. I literally can say "HEY!" and he goes into hysterical laughter. Joel is mad that Walker doesn't know HE'S the actual funny one (which is true) but I'm gonna take what I can get because I just know this kid's first word is going to be "dada." He loooooves Joel and legit looks for him all over the house when he's at work. Sad but also sweet. They play music together and it's 100% my favorite thing to watch them do together. If you follow me on IG, watch my "j + w" Story highlight for some peeks.

He is still absolutely loving food. He much prefers what we're eating to his own baby food which is great but also sucks that I have to share my food now. He's totally mastered the pincer grasp and has graduated to fistfuls of whatever he's eating, going into his mouth. His favorites are bananas and chicken. On Tuesdays, we go and visit Joel at work and I order a plain chicken breast for Walker and a salad for me and we both are happy campers. He still only has his two bottom teeth but has been teething for what feels like eleventy billion years now so I think the tops are coming soon. Once he has teeth on both top and bottom I think I will be less paranoid about him choking to death on chunks of food.

He is now sitting up like a pro and rolling all over the place. If a toy is out of reach he will lean forward and roll onto his tummy to try and get it so I'm thinking he will be crawling soon. The thought of having to babyproof our entire house is daunting but I'm also eager for him to be a bit more mobile so he can follow me around the house instead of screaming when I'm 2 feet out of view. We got him one of those Joovy walkers (Walker in a walker, ha) but he seems to think it's his old door jumper and literally hops around to move instead of you know, walk. Hahah.

I honestly can't believe we're already here, at 8 months. I feel like I get more emotional the older he gets. Before I know it, we'll be planning his first birthday and I know I'm just going to be a hot mess. Thank god for waterproof mascara, right?

Urban Desert


When your friend who also happens to be an AMAZING photographer offers to take some mommy + me photos at the cactus garden near your house at Capitol Park -- you say yes. Duh.

I legit cried when she sent these to me. Sometimes my heart can't contain all the love I have for this perfect boy of mine so it overflows out of my eyes.


Photos by: Tina Swain Photography (get $50 off when you book your session off my referral!)
Jacket custom calligraphy by: Brooke Averill

Walker / 6 Months


Somehow, our sweet boy is already half a year old today. I don't know which is more impressive--the fact that I've been able to keep him alive this long or that I've survived motherhood for six months hahah.

I think it was around this time where everyone said we'd settle into our new routine as parents and get used to our new normal. They were right--it's few and far between now where I feel completely panicked and overwhelmed like I did in those early newborn days. I know my son, and he isn't just this babbling, foreign creature anymore. I can tell what cries mean what, I'm able to decipher his moods better and pick up on all of his fun, ever-developing personality traits--I think that's my favorite part, so far. He is SO expressive, it cracks me up.

We've reached quite a few new milestones this month, including two(!) bottom teeth that came in quick succession, plus him being able to pretty much sit up on his own (although he still does have a few timberrrrr moments that catch him by surprise). We also started him on solids and he absolutely loves food, with the exception of split peas and spinach. He LOVES sweet potatoes. He still has not mastered the art of picking up food and putting it in his mouth aka baby led weaning. I've put a few puffs and bits of food on his high chair tray and he'll either smash it around with his hands or stare at it and then at me like, "soooo are you going to put this stuff in my mouth or?" I'm going to start weaning him off the breast completely, which is lightweight devastating because I know I will miss that special time with him. I bawled my eyes out after Joel and I talked about it, but honestly, I know it will be better for our family this way, in the long run. I'm really nervous about how its all going to play out because of his sudden and firm aversion to taking a bottle (STILL) but as so many others and our pediatrician alike have said, if he is hungry he WILL eat. I just feel pretty alone in this dilemma because I've yet to hear from anyone who has gone through this--if you're out there, let me know! I'd love to hear any tips or tricks you might have to get this guy to drink a bottle. I've tried every single kind of bottle brand, different nipple sizes/formulas, a sippy cup...the list goes on. He hates it all. Ugh.

Another thing he is still refusing is rolling over. He's only ever done it twice and absolutely despises tummy time. We still force him to do it every day of course, and I've heard about babies who skip rolling and go right to crawling so maybe that will be us? I know every baby is different but it's still pretty nerve-wracking as a FTM to feel like your kid isn't doing the same things as *everyone* else.

On a more positive note, he's still sleeping pretty good and has even started sleeping through the night! We've still got him in the sleepsuit because why ruin a good thing, amirite? If he's still not rolling over by next month (which is when you're supposed to stop using the suit) I'll just take it away anyway and put him in PJ's/a sleep sack.

I signed us up to try a Stroller Strides class in our area and I'm really excited to see how we like it. I like the fact that I can get a workout in, meet other moms and socialize Walker with other babes, all at once. I'm scheduled to attend next week so I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. Any other Fit4Mom members out there?

Sleep Training with Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit


After Walker's 4 month checkup, the pediatrician gave us the green light to start sleep training him. I was SO nervous to embark on this next step because it meant a lot of big changes--like moving him to the nursery in his crib *cue tears*--but the thing I was most nervous about was the transition out of a swaddle. Up until just a couple of weeks ago, it was necessary to wrap him up tight and rock him to sleep before gently placing him in the Rock n Play and carefully tip-toeing out of the room.

I first heard of the Magic Sleepsuit back while I was pregnant. A lot of my seasoned mama friends swore by it and it instantly popped into my head when Joel and I started to discuss our sleep training method. It arrived on my doorstep and I giggled as I tore open the package--it looked like a little marshmallow suit and I KNEW Walker was going to look adorably ridiculous in it.


The suit was developed by a pediatric physical therapist after experimenting with ways to get her own baby to sleep. It's made out of soft, breathable layers of cotton and polyfil and is designed to muffle the moro (startle) reflex and provide just enough security and comfort to promote restful sleep (for both baby and parents!) It's basically a hug for your baby that soothes them and lasts all night!


The first night I put Walker in the suit he slept 7 hours straight(!) He has NEVER slept that long of a stretch or through the night so I was immediately impressed, but still a little skeptical since he still fussed/cried as we worked through the Sleep Wave. The next night we put him in the suit with just his diaper on (he runs hot) at 9pm and he INSTANTLY fell asleep. Like, I'm talking I kissed him goodnight, shut the door and by the time I made it downstairs and turned on the monitor he was OUT. I looked at Joel and was like HOOOOLYYYY SHIT. He didn't wake again until 2:45am for a night feeding and then back down again until morning at 6am. I will say that I think he's still trying to figure out a "wake up" schedule because we've been putting him down at 9pm every night and he has woken up at 6/7/8 and 9am haha. Pick one, (preferably 8am) kid! He's also been going down for naps in the suit which have also gotten increasingly better than they were pre-sleepsuit.


It's only been a couple of weeks but I think it's safe to say--IT WORKS. I am eternally grateful to Maureen and the rest of the Magic Sleepsuit team. They have been so incredibly helpful and personally invested throughout this process. I called them after the second day to express my concerns about how much Walker sweats in the suit, which was when they advised me to go ahead and try letting him sleep in just his diaper with it. They answered all of my questions and addressed my concern with in-depth knowledge I trust coming from another parent who has gone through my same experiences with sleep training.

Once he can start to roll over in the suit is when they recommend retiring it, but until then, I am going to relish and enjoy these restful nights! If you're interested in trying the sleepsuit yourself, I'm hosting a giveaway today over on my Instagram or if you simply can't wait and you need it now (I don't blame you) you can get 15% off the sleepsuit of your choice by entering LF15 at checkout.

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit is a company that I’ve had the honor to partner with in exchange for a product review. Thoughts & opinions on this product are my own. I 100% stand behind the quality & use of this product, unless otherwise noted above.

Walker / 5 Months


It's crazy how much can change in just one month's time. I was reading over last month's post and I talked a lot about the struggles we were having with Walker's sleep schedule. I can't even believe I'm typing this but as of a couple weeks, he is officially sleep trained (stay tuned for more on that process on Friday's post)!

I think the biggest lesson I've learned as a mom this month is that babies truly are such smart little creatures of habit and sometimes it's my own apprehensions that get in the way of progress. For example, I was SO worried Walker would have a hard time learning how to go to sleep in unswaddled and in his own crib and kept putting off sleep training, but honestly after just two rough nights of protest (him) and tears (me), he just got the hang of it and now he pretty much falls asleep as soon as he's put down in there. I realize this is subject to change without notice so we're getting all the welcome extra winks we can over here!

He is still refusing to roll over but I'm pretty persistent with tummy time so I know it's coming. I keep telling myself it's taking a while because he's such a chunk -- 17lbs was his last weigh-in at his 4 months wellness check; the doctor said he is the size of a 7mo old! Whoaaa. No wonder my lower back feels like it's constantly on fire. He is 79th percentile for weight and NINETY EIGHTH for height -- he's already 2 and a half feet long and his projected to be at least 6' as an adult (crazy how they can measure that now). I honestly don't know how we made such a solid child.

I'm excited to introduce solids to him in a couple of weeks! I'm partnering with a really great organic baby food company which I'll share more about next month, but I'm really looking forward to getting him started on some actual foods! I can't believe we're already at this stage. Also, not looking forward to what food is going to do to his poops hahaha.

Things he loves this month: babbling/squeaking to anyone who will listen, going for walks in the stroller, playing burrito baby (a game they made up) with dad<3, reaching up and grabbing toys/faces, sitting up and balancing himself to stay upright, facing forward when being held so he can look at ALL THE THINGS, when you blow on him, playing patty cake and laughing after a particularly loud fart.