Walker / 7 + 8 Months

Between my freelance business ramping up, planning for MTHR and life with a baby in general -- the last month has been crazy busy for us. I hardly had time to shower regularly let alone write in this blog, which is why I'm coming at you today with Walker's 7 AND 8-month post rolled into one. #momlife


I know I say this every month but this has been my favorite age so far. He's just so animated and personable now. He has learned how to throw tantrums though, which I find both annoying and hilarious. He'll arch his body backward and kick his legs--full cartoon style. He mainly does this during diaper changes and I'm just like, come on dude, please don't kick me while I'm cleaning poop out of your thigh rolls.

It's also a thing right now where he thinks I am the most comical person in the world. I literally can say "HEY!" and he goes into hysterical laughter. Joel is mad that Walker doesn't know HE'S the actual funny one (which is true) but I'm gonna take what I can get because I just know this kid's first word is going to be "dada." He loooooves Joel and legit looks for him all over the house when he's at work. Sad but also sweet. They play music together and it's 100% my favorite thing to watch them do together. If you follow me on IG, watch my "j + w" Story highlight for some peeks.

He is still absolutely loving food. He much prefers what we're eating to his own baby food which is great but also sucks that I have to share my food now. He's totally mastered the pincer grasp and has graduated to fistfuls of whatever he's eating, going into his mouth. His favorites are bananas and chicken. On Tuesdays, we go and visit Joel at work and I order a plain chicken breast for Walker and a salad for me and we both are happy campers. He still only has his two bottom teeth but has been teething for what feels like eleventy billion years now so I think the tops are coming soon. Once he has teeth on both top and bottom I think I will be less paranoid about him choking to death on chunks of food.

He is now sitting up like a pro and rolling all over the place. If a toy is out of reach he will lean forward and roll onto his tummy to try and get it so I'm thinking he will be crawling soon. The thought of having to babyproof our entire house is daunting but I'm also eager for him to be a bit more mobile so he can follow me around the house instead of screaming when I'm 2 feet out of view. We got him one of those Joovy walkers (Walker in a walker, ha) but he seems to think it's his old door jumper and literally hops around to move instead of you know, walk. Hahah.

I honestly can't believe we're already here, at 8 months. I feel like I get more emotional the older he gets. Before I know it, we'll be planning his first birthday and I know I'm just going to be a hot mess. Thank god for waterproof mascara, right?