Walker / 6 Months


Somehow, our sweet boy is already half a year old today. I don't know which is more impressive--the fact that I've been able to keep him alive this long or that I've survived motherhood for six months hahah.

I think it was around this time where everyone said we'd settle into our new routine as parents and get used to our new normal. They were right--it's few and far between now where I feel completely panicked and overwhelmed like I did in those early newborn days. I know my son, and he isn't just this babbling, foreign creature anymore. I can tell what cries mean what, I'm able to decipher his moods better and pick up on all of his fun, ever-developing personality traits--I think that's my favorite part, so far. He is SO expressive, it cracks me up.

We've reached quite a few new milestones this month, including two(!) bottom teeth that came in quick succession, plus him being able to pretty much sit up on his own (although he still does have a few timberrrrr moments that catch him by surprise). We also started him on solids and he absolutely loves food, with the exception of split peas and spinach. He LOVES sweet potatoes. He still has not mastered the art of picking up food and putting it in his mouth aka baby led weaning. I've put a few puffs and bits of food on his high chair tray and he'll either smash it around with his hands or stare at it and then at me like, "soooo are you going to put this stuff in my mouth or?" I'm going to start weaning him off the breast completely, which is lightweight devastating because I know I will miss that special time with him. I bawled my eyes out after Joel and I talked about it, but honestly, I know it will be better for our family this way, in the long run. I'm really nervous about how its all going to play out because of his sudden and firm aversion to taking a bottle (STILL) but as so many others and our pediatrician alike have said, if he is hungry he WILL eat. I just feel pretty alone in this dilemma because I've yet to hear from anyone who has gone through this--if you're out there, let me know! I'd love to hear any tips or tricks you might have to get this guy to drink a bottle. I've tried every single kind of bottle brand, different nipple sizes/formulas, a sippy cup...the list goes on. He hates it all. Ugh.

Another thing he is still refusing is rolling over. He's only ever done it twice and absolutely despises tummy time. We still force him to do it every day of course, and I've heard about babies who skip rolling and go right to crawling so maybe that will be us? I know every baby is different but it's still pretty nerve-wracking as a FTM to feel like your kid isn't doing the same things as *everyone* else.

On a more positive note, he's still sleeping pretty good and has even started sleeping through the night! We've still got him in the sleepsuit because why ruin a good thing, amirite? If he's still not rolling over by next month (which is when you're supposed to stop using the suit) I'll just take it away anyway and put him in PJ's/a sleep sack.

I signed us up to try a Stroller Strides class in our area and I'm really excited to see how we like it. I like the fact that I can get a workout in, meet other moms and socialize Walker with other babes, all at once. I'm scheduled to attend next week so I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. Any other Fit4Mom members out there?