Work / Melissa Righero Photography

A few weeks ago I launched a website for a dear friend of mine from home who moved her cute family to a foggy little coastal town in Oregon. An aspiring photographer, she came to me needing a website in which to showcase her work and have a way for potential clients to contact her.

I loved working with Melissa. Her photography is absolutely gorgeous so it made it easy to build a site around her work. You can view her live site here →

Life's funny sometimes. I hadn't planned at all on getting back into design. Sure, I'd thought about it from time to time because I found myself missing it but it wasn't until Melissa approached me about needing a site that I started seriously thinking about taking on projects again. As soon as I started working on her site I got that giddy feeling I used to get back when I first started designing. I loved staying up late figuring out coding tweaks and hitting send on email proofs. I was hooked (again).

Upon completing her site, a friend of Melissa's inquired about me and now I'm working on her site. I'm still loving it and hoping the referral train continues because honestly, it's been a great way to save more money for baby things!

I've added a page to my site with details on how to work with me. Take a look and if you or anyone you know is in need of a website or graphic design work, please don't hesitate to get in touch. xx