Friday Favorites


ONE / 10 rules for visiting a new mom
I came across this great article on 10 rules for visiting a new mom at home. I think it's simple but important etiquette to remember when you come a'knockin' on the door.

TWO / Listening to baby's heartbeat
My best friend gifted us a fetal doppler so that we can listen to the baby's heartbeat at home, any time we want! For a first-time (see: overly paranoid) mom like me, this is amazing. When I posted about it on my Instagram story, someone pointed out that it might be harmful to the baby to expose them to the frequency waves but honestly, it's not like we're overdoing it. There are so many "don'ts" that come along with pregnancy but I've learned to take many of them with a grain of salt.

THREE / 10 things I learned in my twenties
Really loving Mara's perspective on the lessons she learned during her twenties--I can definitely relate to a lot of these!

FOUR / Youth to the People Age Prevention Mask
I think I finally found the last piece to my skincare routine with this face mask. I put it on while I was in the bath the other night and my skin felt sooooo soft after I rinsed it off. It kinda smells like a green smoothie is on your face but that's okay :)

FIVE / Summer salmon bowl
James shared this baked salmon bowl recipe and I think this is what I'm making for dinner tomorrow, seeing as how I have all of the ingredients in the fridge right now. It looks so good!!

My Personal Skincare Routine

As promised, here's a quick run-down of my personal skincare routine, the products I use and when I use them. In case you're wondering I have combination skin which means I'm dry in some areas (mostly my cheeks/around my mouth) and oily in others (like my t-zone). 

I N   T H E   M O R N I N G
I wake up and since my face is already cleansed from the night before I just splash some cold water on my face, pat dry and then spritz on Luminance Rosewater Toner. I let that dry for a few seconds and then while my skin is still damp I apply No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum. Once that has been absorbed I apply a few dots of Burt's Bees Renewal eye cream under my eyes to help get rid of my dark circles (my number one problem area) and budding wrinkles--I ain't no spring chicken no more! Finally, I apply a layer of Luminance Deep Hydration Organic Moisturizer. I LOVE this stuff. Out of everything it's probably my favorite. It's thick without being greasy and it really does make my skin feel amazing.

A T  N I G H T ☾
Before bed, I wash my face with warm water and CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. I really like CeraVe products because they mostly all contain hyaluronic acid which came up a lot during my research on the best types of skincare ingredients. Next, I use these coconut cleansing wipes to remove any leftover traces of mascara or oil before spritzing on my rosewater toner  followed by the serum and eye cream. (same stuff I use in the morning). For my nighttime moisturizer I switch to CeraVe's Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM. It's once again, loaded with hyaluronic acid and is specifically formulated to work it's magic during those hours of getting literal beauty sleep.

S T I L L  L O O K I N G  F O R . . .
A good weekly mask. I've heard good things about Herbivore Botanical's Blue Tansy and I've also had my eye on this one by Youth to the People but I'd love to hear your reccommendations as well.

I'm ashamed to admit it's taken me this long to really commit to a solid skincare routine. I used to be 'that girl' who'd get lazy after a long day and just go to bed with makeup on, which is in fact really terrible for your skin (and not surprisingly, white pillow cases). Now, I love how my skin looks and feels--it's only been a couple of weeks but I can already see improvements, so I'm excited to see the benefits over time.

Friday Favorites


ONE / My personal skincare
I'd asked y'all in a previous post for recommendations on good skincare products and after doing the research I think I've finally nailed down a regimen that works for me. I'll be sharing in a separate post soon but I thought I'd share a few of of my must-haves: No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum, Luminance Skincare Deep Hydration Organic Moisturizer and CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. I've definitely noticed positive changes in my complexion since sticking to my routine.

TWO / "No is a complete sentence."
Do you guys remember the actress who played the eldest daughter in Mrs. Doubtfire? Well, she has a blog that I've followed for a few  years now and her latest essay No is a complete sentence is something I can definitely relate to.

THREE / Mila Isabella
My sister had her baby a week ago(!) and I seriously cannot get enough of my niece. Those tiny hands and feet! That newborn smell! I'm so in love. Spending time with her has gotten me even more excited for Walker's arrival. Not gonna lie, it's also caused me to be a bit terrified by the reality that soon I will have my own tiny human to be responsible for. I know this is normal, but still! My sister also had the easiest labor EVER (Mila was out in 4 pushes) and my one wish is that I have a similar experience. I can only hope to be so lucky haha.

FOUR / Zucchini "noodles"
I'm still hooked on my spiralizer and am convinced it is the best invention ever. Now that I'm about 6 months pregnant I'm hungry ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes the hunger just sneaks up on me and I feel like I'm starving (dramatic) so my quick go-to is grilled chicken with my favorite pasta sauce over a bed of zoodles.

FIVE / Offer Up app
We get the keys to our new house next week(!) and since we are going from just 750 to over 1700sqft there's a LOT of empty space to fill. Once we do the final walk-through I'll be making a better list of which room needs what but I'm aware that we'll definitely be needing to upgrade some furniture. My concern is I want cute stuff, but I don't want it to cost an arm and a leg--moving is expensive enough (not to mention so is expecting a baby). A family member suggested I check out the Offer Up app and guys, it's magical. It's sort of like Craigslist and eBay mixed together (no auctions though). The UI is easy enough to navigate and it's pretty simple to use. I found a rocking chair for the nursery I'm going to DIY a bit and the ever-popular Moses basket for just fifteen dollars! The expensive ones are going for $185 so this was truly a steal. I listed our couch we're trying to get rid of on there as well so fingers crossed someone picks that up soon--believe it or not trying to sell a Scandinavian Designs sofa has not been as easy as I thought it would -___-

Skin Deep

Now that I'm in my 30's it's become apparent that it's time to adhere to a proper skincare regimen--gone are the days of going to sleep with makeup on (ew) or getting away with just using makeup wipes. The thing is, I have no idea where to start. Of course I want the unicorn of skincare. Something that is effective yet doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. I've tried No. 7 brand from Target and while I really love their night creams, their cleansers don't really do the trick and leave my skin feeling dry & tight. I've heard good things about Kate Somerville but have wondered if it's really worth the hype (and price tag).

So, now I'm asking you all: what are your go-to products for facial cleansers & moisturizers? I'd also love recommendations on good dark-circle creams. I'm sure they will only get worse once this baby boy pops out!