15 Ways to Practice Self-Care as a New Mom

It's no secret being a mom is hard. Like, THEE toughest job out there. In between the feedings, diaper changes + 'shushes' not to mention bill-paying, cooking and finding time for your partner, it's not easy to remember to look out for #1 (that's you). And so I've compiled a little list of relatively simple yet totally satisfying ways to practice self-care as a new mom.

01 : Take a bath (bubbles + bath bombs recommended). These are my favorite from LUSH
02 : Take a nap (when you can)
03 : Do a load of your OWN laundry
04 : Light a candle or diffuse some essential oils. Check out Magickal Babe Brigade for some sweet deals on some
05 : Have someone watch baby for an hour to go get a mani/pedicure
06 : Have your own happy hour after baby goes to bed and drink some wine. This is my go-to red right now
07 : Catch up on your favorite TV shows while you breast (or bottle) feed
08 : Pick up a bouquet of pretty flowers during your next grocery run
09 : Eat some ice cream
10 : Write. In a journal, in your Notes app, on a scrap of paper. Just write. These journals are pretty cute
11 : Stretch for five minutes (or longer if you can)
12 : Meditate. The 10% Happier app is great for guided meditation
13 : Have a date night, even if it's at 11pm lying in bed holding hands + talking about anything other than the perfect human you've created, sleeping in the next room
14 : Listen to a Spotify playlist. Follow @spiritandhaven's Insta-stories for some great song recommendations
15 : Breathe. Smile. You're doing an amazing job.