Friday Favorites


ONE / 10 rules for visiting a new mom
I came across this great article on 10 rules for visiting a new mom at home. I think it's simple but important etiquette to remember when you come a'knockin' on the door.

TWO / Listening to baby's heartbeat
My best friend gifted us a fetal doppler so that we can listen to the baby's heartbeat at home, any time we want! For a first-time (see: overly paranoid) mom like me, this is amazing. When I posted about it on my Instagram story, someone pointed out that it might be harmful to the baby to expose them to the frequency waves but honestly, it's not like we're overdoing it. There are so many "don'ts" that come along with pregnancy but I've learned to take many of them with a grain of salt.

THREE / 10 things I learned in my twenties
Really loving Mara's perspective on the lessons she learned during her twenties--I can definitely relate to a lot of these!

FOUR / Youth to the People Age Prevention Mask
I think I finally found the last piece to my skincare routine with this face mask. I put it on while I was in the bath the other night and my skin felt sooooo soft after I rinsed it off. It kinda smells like a green smoothie is on your face but that's okay :)

FIVE / Summer salmon bowl
James shared this baked salmon bowl recipe and I think this is what I'm making for dinner tomorrow, seeing as how I have all of the ingredients in the fridge right now. It looks so good!!