Graphic Design

Work / The Naked Lemon

As mentioned before, I recently worked on a website for a pop-up bakery--we launched yesterday and I'm finally able to share with you guys!

I implemented her existing logo and designed the rest of her site around it and the stellar photography provided by Melissa (you may remember her as my previous client). 

What makes The Naked Lemon unique is that in addition to taking orders for private parties/events, they also are a traveling pop-up bakery, setting up shop with their treats all over Astoria, Oregon. Mobile users viewing her site can check to see where The Naked Lemon will be next and get directions right from the site. Aleesha (the baker) was pleased at the page I created specifically to give information about this part of her business.

I had a blast creating this space for Aleesha--its been awhile since I have worked with small businesses in the food/beverage industry and I forgot how much I loved it. Visit the live site here →

If you're in the market for a website and/or design work, check out my services and let me know!

Work / Melissa Righero Photography

A few weeks ago I launched a website for a dear friend of mine from home who moved her cute family to a foggy little coastal town in Oregon. An aspiring photographer, she came to me needing a website in which to showcase her work and have a way for potential clients to contact her.

I loved working with Melissa. Her photography is absolutely gorgeous so it made it easy to build a site around her work. You can view her live site here →

Life's funny sometimes. I hadn't planned at all on getting back into design. Sure, I'd thought about it from time to time because I found myself missing it but it wasn't until Melissa approached me about needing a site that I started seriously thinking about taking on projects again. As soon as I started working on her site I got that giddy feeling I used to get back when I first started designing. I loved staying up late figuring out coding tweaks and hitting send on email proofs. I was hooked (again).

Upon completing her site, a friend of Melissa's inquired about me and now I'm working on her site. I'm still loving it and hoping the referral train continues because honestly, it's been a great way to save more money for baby things!

I've added a page to my site with details on how to work with me. Take a look and if you or anyone you know is in need of a website or graphic design work, please don't hesitate to get in touch. xx