Friday Favorites

  D. Lillian  Photography /  dress  (similar) /  hat

 D. Lillian Photography / dress (similar) / hat

Happy Friday, bb's! I'm switching up the formatting to these posts to be less structured into sections and just get right to the good stuff in single sentences with links. Enjoy and TGIF! xx

This piece on how sometimes motherhood can feel really lonely legit made me cry. So real, raw, and true.

Download this super cute free font.

Are you a mom who loves writing and has been itching to get published? Coffee & Crumbs is open for submissions! Ps; you can read my piece for them right here if you missed it.

I am always on the hunt for quick + easy recipes to whip up since I'm still breastfeeding and get hungry super easily so these BBQ chicken bowls sound like they'll do the trick!

We read to Walker every night and he LOVES books. I'm always on the hunt for "pretty" books to add to his library which is why I'm stoked Molly just did a post about all of her baby book recs.

Interesting read on the psychological effects of room colors.

I just finished reading The Woman in Cabin 10 and loved it! What should I read next?

Italian grandpa dedicates the rest of his life to operating the world's first electricity-free amusement park. So dope!