Life, Lately

For someone who used to blog EVERY day, for years, it's so crazy to think of how Instagram has essentially replaced it. Don't get me wrong, I love sharing my life in little squares over there, but ever since the much-hated algorithm change, it's hard to keep up with the people + accounts I love. I do miss the organic community that came with a medium like blogging. What do you think? Do you still blog or do you think blogging is just dead?

I for one, am still a believer haha. And so in an effort to update this space more regularly, I thought I'd share a little about what's going on in our neck of the woods over here where I can elaborate a bit more (lord knows my IG captions are long enough, sometimes).


After Walker is in bed, Stitch Fix hours are logged and freelance has been completed for the day, the rest of my focus then turns to my latest endeavor: MTHR Collective. What started as a half-brained idea my friend-turned-business partner Danielle and I had has now become a reality! The retreat has already garnered so much response which we are SO grateful for and excited about. We can't wait to meet you all this Fall!


Did I mention Danielle is the most amazing photographer?! She took these portraits of me the other day for MTHR and I super love how they turned out. She is a wizard.


Joel works most nights and since Valentine's Day was no exception we had to celebrate a few days later. We dropped Walker off at my mom's and headed to the movies to catch an early showing of the new Star Wars before it left theatres (I miss seeing movies the week they come out). We loaded up on popcorn, candy and since our local theatre now serves alcohol you know I ordered a glass of wine. It was just my luck however that the bottle of the kind I ordered was empty and it took them so long to find a manager to come replace it. Three days later and Joel is still making fun of me about it. Did you watch The Last Jedi? We both really liked it but agreed it was wayyyy too long and there were definitely scenes they could have cut to shorten it.

After the movie, we picked up our very tired bubba and headed home to put him to bed and then we continued our date night by popping the bottle of fancy vintage Port Joel got me for V-day. I had picked up some macarons and chocolate from my favorite local chocolatier earlier in the day to pair with it and it was HEAVEN. The sweet tooth I acquired during pregnancy is still alive and well, it seems.


And because no post is complete, without these sweet face -- here's a snap of my chunky monkey. He is getting sooo big!