Inspiration / Milk Bath Photography

Back before I was even pregnant, I'd seen tons of milk bath photography shoots and have always thought they looked so romantic and dreamy. If you know me, you already know how much I love baths so now that I'm expecting I thought it'd be fun to try and use this doubly to my advantage! 

I ordered this dress which should be arriving this weekend and I've commissioned my sister to help me take photos at my parents' who happen to have a large soaking tub. I've been pinning inspiration like crazy and these are some of my favorites.

Sunflowers are my favorite flower so I'm thinking of incorporating those but I also love Peonies and they're in season right now so I think a combination would be really pretty. I don't think you can really go wrong with florals.

I also really love the idea of doing another one of these once Walker is born, with him in them. How sweet is that?!

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