Friday Favorites

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ONE / Phone charger hack
Not the best quality video but this DIY phone charging hack is pretty genius. It can potentially come in handy during stormy weather/when the power is out/if you randomly have a battery + pen lying around. 

TWO / Wayfair
I've totally been loving shopping Wayfair for home decor/furniture, lately. It's where I got our nightstands (sold out now but here's some similar ones), side table for the nursery and I just picked up this area rug for under our new dining table.

THREE / Vegan recipes
Joel started eating vegan which in turn has led to me eating a lot healthier too (don't worry, I for one, still love cheese + bacon) so we've been trying new recipes in the kitchen that fit his new diet. I can't wait to try this dessert! If you have any favorite vegan recipes please share!

FOUR / Rockabye Baby!
I've shared about this on my Instagram Stories but for those of you who don't follow me there, I had to share my latest Spotify discovery: Rockabye Baby! They're lullaby renditions of popular artists/albums and they're SO good, guys. I was like, "oh these will be great to play for Walker" but I find myself listening to it a lot by myself haha. My favorites so far include Bowie's "Life on Mars" and Justin Timberlake songs.

FIVE /  Millenials + plants
I found this Washington Post article about millennials and their house plants amusing and well-written. It also links to an Instagram account called "Boys with Plants" which Joel needs to be on ASAP since I always joke about him being my #botanicalboyfriend with his house plant obsession.