Friday Favorites

ONE / Harry Styles
Never in a million years would I think I'd be saying this but you guys...have you listened to Harry Styles' new album? IT'S SO GOOD! I've had it on repeat all week; Sign of the Times is my favorite track. If I didn't know he once was a member of teeny-bop boy band One Direction, I would have never guessed. This album is so mature and reminds me a lot of Bowie. Seriously, go listen to it right now if you haven't already.

TWO / The Perfect Logo
I love Tabitha's tips on how to make the perfect logo choice for your small business branding. I feel like logos are the crux of any good branding yet also the most difficult to come up with so I really appreciate Tabitha's sage advice.

THREE / Amazon Fashion
I already use Amazon to buy so much stuff (half my baby registry is from there) but I never really thought to use them as a place to shop for clothes--until now. They seriously have the best selection of stylish + inexpensive summer dresses that this mama has been obsessed with wearing with a growing bump in the Sacramento heat. These are my favorite and I own all of them: 1 | 2 | 3 (none are even maternity--so gals of all shapes + sizes can wear these!)

FOUR / Coconut rice
I've been trying to cook a variety of dishes at home and my favorite combo this week has been coconut rice with either grilled chicken or salmon. It's super easy--just cook rice on the stove as you normally would but use a can of coconut milk instead of water. I love that the flavor is subtle and not too sweet so it compliments whatever you eat it with. I'm the type of person who, once I find something I love, will eat the same thing everyday until I get sick of it and so far I'm still craving this rice at dinner time.

FIVE / Baby boy clothes
Friends + family have started gifting us things for Walker and I can't get over all of the adorable clothes he already has. It's crazy folding such tiny things and imagining him in them--my heart explodes every time! Joel loves to shop for him already, too--some of our favorite places so far are H&M Kids + Cotton On Baby.

Ps; Tomorrow marks 23 weeks of this pregnancy! Every Saturday I post a bumpdate pic over on my Instagram if you'd like to keep up :)