Friday Favorites

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ONE / A few beauty products I've recently discovered that have quickly turned into my must-haves: 1 2 3
The Kristin Ess conditioner is pretty amazing for the price point. It leaves my hair feeling soft + clean but not stripped. Bonus: it smells amazing. The Becca highlighter is by FAR my favorite of it's kind. I got a sampler kit from Ulta that includes the accompanying skin perfector that I layer underneath; it gives the perfect glow and stays put all day. I asked my hairstylist for recs on a heat-protectant styling spray to use before I curl and she recommended Paul Mitchell's "Hot Off the Press." I spray it on section by section and it really locks my curls in in addition to protecting it from the heat. I heard it's great for using a straightener as well.

TWO / Sweet treats
I can't wait to make these coconut mango muffins soon. The flavor combo sounds bombbb.

THREE / Reading
My friend Chelsea started an online book club otherwise known as, Whine Club which you should totally check out. The May read just started so you still have time to join!

FOUR /  The Handmaid's Tale
YOU GUYS. I'm so obsessed with this show. I'm so bummed an episode is released weekly and I can't just binge it all at once. I haven't read the book it's adapted from but I've heard that's a must-read as well.

FIVE / La Croix
I don't care how basic it makes me; I love La Croix sparkling water. I get bored from drinking so much regular water while being pregnant so this helps add a splash (ha) of variety. I recently discovered a whole list of mocktail recipes using different La Croix flavors and I can't wait to try them all now that the weather is practically summer here.