Bumpdate / Second Trimester


Now that I'm officially halfway(!) along this whole pregnancy thing I figured it's a good time to post an update on how things are going. Generally, I feel really good; I love being pregnant. With the weather heating up, coupled by the fact that I'm not due until September, I may be eating my words here very soon but for now, I'm digging it. Everyone is so nice. People give up their place in line for me in public restrooms/grocery lines and slow down to let me cross the street w/ a smile & a wave instead of an impatient honk. Yep, I'm gonna milk this thing until the very end. Pun intended.

Physically I am definitely starting to feel the aches & pains associated with carrying around all that extra weight--especially in my lower back + hips. I started doing this prenatal yoga morning flow and its really helped alleviate some of the pain/stiffness. Ironically enough, I feel worse the longer I sit or walk too much. DUMB.

Emotionally I have three modes: content, rage or crying (sometimes over the silliest things). Poor Joel. He doesn't know which me he's going to get--sometimes I experience all three modes in one day! I have realized I feel things more intensely these days, which is interesting. Hormones, man.

Mentally I am trying to gear up for a busy summer before baby gets here. Our lease is up in July and so house-hunting has begun. The rental market is terrible where we live at the moment but we're not quite ready to buy a house so the goal is to find an affordable 2-1 near (but not in) midtown. I have all the housing apps and we even went to look at a listing today so fingers crossed the rental gods smile upon us next month. Joel has already assured me I won't have to lift a finger when it comes time to move (bless him) but I am anxious to find a place and nest, nest, nest. Right now we're focusing on paying off our debt and save for a deposit on the new place + baby things. We both got some really great news today: a new design client for me, and an awesome step forward in his career for him so, things are looking up!

Everyone is constantly asking me about my cravings and to that I always answer: sweets! Similar to when I took a month off from drinking last year, my body starts to crave sugar from other things besides alcohol. If there was ever a time to indulge I guess this is it BUT I'm also keen to the fact that I don't want to gain a gazillion pounds so I try to walk a lot and get my steps in. On our days off Joel and I usually do something active outdoors so, that helps too. Just know if we go out to eat I WILL order from the dessert menu. Hey, at least I'm not craving rocks or laundry detergent.

Baby Walker is gettin' all cozy up in there and continues to grow (he's the size of a banana right now, in case you were curious). We had our 20 week scan/ultrasound and everything looks good--they took pictures of his heart/spine/kidneys/brain/arms/legs and of course, his cute face. He is moving around a lot more but there times when he's more active than others--usually right when I wake up in the morning and before bed. Although, I did freak out the other day when I hadn't been paying much attention and thought I hadn't felt him move all day. I even ate fruit (his favorite) and, nothing. I almost went to see a friend of mine who works at the local hospital so he could listen to Walker's heartbeat with a fetal doppler but luckily right before bed he went all cirque du soleil in there and my crazy subsided. I've been told that this paranoid mom feeling will never go away, even after he gets here. Grrrreat.


We finally settled on dates for my baby shower(s)! We've having a co-ed one with friends that my best friend and her husband are hosting at their new house and then I'll have an all-girls one for family at my mom's. Both will take place in August (it will be hot AF) and I will be HUGE by then but I'm still super excited. Every day I add things to our registry on Babylist. I highly recommend using them if you're expecting. I've gotten a ton of recs in my IG comments but if you've got any must-haves to add for this mama to be, feel free to leave a comment here too.

I've already taken a few maternity photos but I'm really looking forward to the final shoot I have scheduled with our photographer for later this summer when I'm in my third trimester and really poppin' out. Joel will be in those and we're planning on shooting in Point Reyes so I'm really excited!

That's about it for now. I'm just trying to stay focused on all the fun, happy things and not worry too much about the intense parts like labor & delivery that are on the horizon. Can I get the epidural now? ;)