Friday Favorites

Back on my old blog, I used to write weekly "Currently" posts to share some of my favorite things/links of the moment, which I really loved so, I've decided to bring that feature back with some of my Friday Favorites.

ONE / dōTERRA diffuser + oils
Years ago when I used to work in a corporate setting I essentially wore heels to work every single day. This didn't prove to be the best idea seeing as how I was constantly walking from department to department and so by the end of the day my poor feet were not happy and as a result I started to get really bad aches and pains in my ankles, knees and joints. A vendor I worked with starting telling me about how his wife had just started selling oils that he and his family used to help with all sorts of ailments, and handed me a sample bottle. I listened and nodded politely but on the inside I was thinking, "WTF. I am not rubbing this shit on my feet." Fast forward to now, and you can't turn a page in a magazine without being bombarded by essential oil ads and all of their positive health effects. All my skepticality went out the window when a friend gifted me a diffuser at the start of my pregnancy when I was dealing with nausea and morning sickness. In my desperate research to alleviate the dreaded symptoms I read that sniffing lemons (for real) is a way to get rid of the nausea so I bought some lemon oil and--I kid you not, it totally worked! I remember around week 10 I spent the entire afternoon lying in bed diffusing lemon, sipping ginger ale and munching on saltines with those pink morning sickness wristbands on. I like to think my boyfriend's constant run to the store for all of those things was not in vain and they all played a part in making me feel better ;) Since then, I'm obsessed with trying different oils for different things. When I broke out in a random chest rash (isn't pregnancy so glamourous?) I tried lavender oil both in my diffuser and directly on my skin and within a week it was all but gone. I also use lavender to help me fall (and stay) asleep every night. I use 3 drops of lavender and one drop of Breathe in the diffuser and its light's out! I've been eyeing some of Savannah's oil sets over at @mamatribeoils that I want try try next. Let me know if there's any diffuser combos you love!

TWO / Marble
I know it's super on trend right now, but I am a big fan of the pretty texture--I even used variations of it for my blog design headers! I'm loving this marbled Easter egg DIY, marbled laptop hard case + this swim suit (somebody please buy this and wear it so my belly bump self can live vicariously through you).

THREE / Do-Hee Kim Design 
Do-Hee's Instagram popped up on my Explore feed and I promptly fell into the rabbit hole of checking out all of her amazing work. Her style of design is a huge inspiration and comes at the perfect time as I've started working on a small design project for a friend--more to come on that later. 

FOUR / 13 Reasons Why
Who else is watching this show?! Since my social nightlife has taken a mellow change, I've been binge-watching lots of TV (I balance it out with reading too, don't worry) and my latest favorite is 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. Without giving too much away, the show chronicles the lives of a group of highschool teenagers after a classmate commits suicide, and the events leading up to it. I'm about halfway through and I can't wait to see how it ends up. I finished Big Little Lies last week and if you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend that as well!

FIVE / Grocery store Monopoly
You guys. I realize this is SUPER dorky of me but I seriously love playing this. I live in California so my store is Safeway but I think Von's is the other one that participates too. Basically the way it works is you get a game board upon checkout and earn game pieces towards bigger prizes by shopping certain items at the store. They totally got me because I legit get excited to grocery shop. Joel will come home and find me crouched over the coffee table with my carefully-folded game board and dozens of game pieces strewn about. He thinks it's hilarious and adorable (I think). Oh, and if he does the shopping without me he knows he had better come home with my game pieces OR ELSE ;) Sure, I haven't won the million dollar prize (yet) but I have won some neat stuff like a $25 GAP giftcard, free groceries and my personal favorite--free bakery donut or bagel. Twice. It's the little things, people.