What's In My Hospital Bag


The fact that I'm going to have to give birth to a tiny human basically any day now is not lost on me, so naturally, I'm in turbo freak-out mode trying to get as much done as I can before baby arrives and that includes packing a bag of essentials for the hospital before we even bring him home.

I've read a bunch of blogs + lists by many of my favorite mamas and I think I've compiled a pretty good comprehensive bag of essentials to bring along. Here's what's inside my hospital bag:

F O R   M E
A robe, slippers and socks are all things I've been told will make a world of difference to have and make me feel comfortable in our home away from home. I'm also bringing my own pillow since the ones I spotted during our hospital tour looked pretty lame. I packed a couple changes of clothes too in case I end up needing a c-section (plz no) and we need to stay longer.

My hospital has an in-room laboring tub I plan on using--it doesn't make sense to wear a swim suit but I don't want to be butt-ass naked either so I'm thinking a sports bra/undies set that I can easily remove will be a happy medium. These have been my go-to's my entire pregnancy.

Extra long iPhone charger in case the outlets are far af from my bed.

Snacks! I'm allowed to eat and we've been informed there's a pantry available to us that we can use to store stuff so you best believe I'm bringing some of my favorite crackers, chips, etc. to munch on. Honey sticks also come highly recommended for a quick energy boost.

I also grabbed a nursing bra, nursing tank, my nursing pillow (I'm conflicted about the pillow--I hear it's like 50/50 that I will actually use it?) and lanolin to assist with feeding that little baby beluga of mine.

I'm getting my placenta encapsulated (you can read more about that here) so I've also packed a mini-cooler to bring along for that process.

Dry shampoo, chapstick, mascaramakeup wipes, hair ties and other basic toiletries like my tooth + hairbrush are all coming along for the ride too. This isn't a fashion show but I know I will feel better if I'm able to maintain a somewhat pleasant appearance. 

F O R   D A D
A change of clothes, comfy sweats and swim trunks for helping me labor in the tub and/or shower.

His own pillow + iphone charger.

We joke about sneaking beer in the placenta cooler (L O L) but on the real, we're bringing a celebratory bottle of champagne to pop for after Walker makes his grand debut.

F O R   B A B Y
Going home outfits in a couple different sizes just in case my suspicions are correct and he's a little fatso, plus a swaddle blanket, diapers, wipes and pacifier. I know the hospital will have stuff for us to use (and take home) but it doesn't hurt to have the diaper bag packed in advance just in case. You never know--he could have his first diaper blowout on the car ride home!

Our car seat is ready to go. It's so weird seeing it in my backseat!

That's it! Is there anything I'm missing? Let me know in the comments. xx 

Our Maternity Photos / Walker Hudson

When I told my friend Tina I was pregnant our conversation went something like this:

Me: "I'm pregnant!"
Her: "Yay! Can I take your maternity photos?"

Haha. Of course I said yes, because not only is she an insanely talented photographer but she also is a master at what she refers to as, "the art of communication." Being in front of her lens feels natural and after she suggested Point Reyes for the location I knew our maternity photos would be magical and the memories of carrying our first son captured perfectly to look back on over the years.

Point Reyes National Seashore, CA
Photos c/o Tina Swain Photography

This + That

We've been quite busy making a home and preparing for baby so I thought I'd share a little of the going on's happening midweek, over here.


I officially started working part-time as a Stylist for Stitch Fix and so far I'm loving it! For those unfamiliar, it's basically a personal styling service you sign up for in which you receive a box of 5 things at a time (clothes/shoes/accessories)--and I'm one of the people picking out those items for our clients. It's pretty neat! If you're interested in trying out a Fix of your own and you'd like to request me as your Stylist, make sure to ask for me under my full name (I go by Elizabeth on there #fancy) when you sign up!


Some people find out they're pregnant and immediately furnish the perfect Pinterest nursery. We are not those people. In fact, the first piece of furniture didn't even arrive until last week! Part of it is procrastination, part of it is wanting to wait to buy things until after our baby showers and (a big) part of it is budget. Now that the big things like his crib and bassinet are assembled it's feeling really REAL. I can't believe there's going to be a real, live BABY using all of those cute things, soon. If I'm having a bad day I find myself going into his room and just standing in the middle of it imagining him being in there. It instantly lifts my mood.


Joel has been on a major gardening/landscaping kick and I think it's adorable. I'm not kidding, I will walk into a room and find him talking to our plants, haha. His latest project has been tackling the front yard. The previous owners left it pretty unkempt so he raked out a bunch of dead plants, cut back unruly palm fronds and poured black bark over what used to be just dirt (there wasn't any grass to begin with). Since we use our wrap-around porch for sitting we don't really miss the grass anyway. We're going to reposition/add a few more big rocks and fix the other side of the brick lining amongst a few other updates but it looks so good! I wish I would have thought to take a 'before' photo.


We visited the California State Fair on Monday which turned out to be a great idea because going early on a weekday meant it wasn't packed at all. More fried food for me! I indulged in a Cap'n Crunch chicken sandwich, frozen watermelon lemonade, and strawberry funnel cake. Five stars, all around (just typing that made my mouth water ha). I really wanted to go to the petting zoo because there were SO many cute baby animals and since I don't have my own offspring yet, baby deer, goats, pigs, and even kangaroos are the next best thing, no? Sadly, I pulled cash out to go back in and basically be a real life Snow White but totally forgot to make the trip back to the zoo. Pregnancy brain. It's real, guys. We also took this silly photo booth strip and I'd say it's a pretty accurate description of our relationship--starts out innocent but by the end, he's eating my face off ;)  

Friday Favorites

ONE / 10 summer date night ideas
I'm loving this little list of simple yet unique ideas for date night.

TWO / Accidental Wes Anderson
I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan so I really enjoyed this accidental Wes Anderson reddit thread filled with photos of places that look like they totally belong in his films.

THREE / Wax seals
I've always wondered how wax seals are made! What a fun idea for extra personalization.

FOUR / Caroline's closet
I'm a big fan of Caroline's style, especially this classic, no-fuss outfit she put together this week.

FIVE / #nsale
The Nordstrom Sale is here and there is so. much. good. stuff. Here's a little list of my favorite picks:

F O R  H E R
this dress / these jeans /  this sweater
this top / these boots 

F O R  B A B Y
this body suit + shorts set / these nursing scarves / these bow headbands
these bibs / these shoes

Shop / Bitte

Romper / Joggers / Language Blocks
Wooden Safari Animals / Basket
Lion Booties / Swaddle

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Maker's Mart during my city's R Street Block Party and discovered so many cute local shops, including this one--bitte (fun fact: bitte means both "please" and "you're welcome" in German). They sell the cutest stuff! Once Walker is born I know I'll be picking up a few things from my wishlist up there.